Woohoo! I bought the DIA high print!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by empee, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. empee


    just kidding :)

    Congrats Dow longs!! You've waited quite a while! (But not as long as those SPY and QQQQ guys!)
  2. The Nasdaq high was about 2 months after the Dow high of Jan 2000. If the next 2 months is like the same peroid of 1999/2000 then Nasdaq would come very close to 5000.
  3. You need Naz to go more than double to hit 5000.
  4. gnome


    Ahhh..... the ever popular "buy high, sell higher" play.
  5. You have very good math skills.
  6. What could push Naz that far?

    Biotechs? Some Alternatives?

    It's definitely a far reach.
  7. ig0r


    google to a million, anyone?
  8. taodr


    Bob Pissonme. He sure is ranting.