woohoo.. Dow 380 points..

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  1. Let it rain..
  2. beautiful finish =)
  3. wow..that is ******
  4. I bought some today. Who knows what will happen. I think we should bounce on short covering tomorrow. If not, I want -500 for DOW. If we gonna fall do the shit RIGHT..
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    The herd is scared...
  6. will be lower tomorrow, re-test lows, further downside coming. imo
  7. Kinda ironic how the CNBC cheerleaders were on the NYSE floor before the open and said "Well the futures look bad, but there is no feel of panic here on the floor. It really looks like we could close in the green".

    haha So much for that.
  8. Yikes
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    CNN.com Headline:

    Breaking News The Dow closes more than 300 points down -- one of its worst days this year.

    Fear really starting to uptick...funny how quickly sentiment changes - a few weeks ago everyone was all smiles as the dow broke records, and now the world is about to end...
  10. Do keep in mind the dow is still above last Fridays close.
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