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  1. dow14000 COMING

    Making sooooo much $ on my ewz calls werd
  2. Who is Werd and why are you addressing him all the time?
  3. big mistake this.

    oil through the roof.

    gold through the roof.

    'fed says core inflation increased'.

    no shit you bunch of assholes.

    your suppose to be putting rates up not down.

    this will prove to be the biggest policy mistake of a federal reserve commitee since it began.

    what a farce.
  4. I agree and boy o boy do I feel bad taking all this free money on the ES lol!! Gonna come in handy when the recession hits.
  5. why is this a mistake? All the consumer debt is now being reduced due to inflation. So what people have 40k on their credit cards when milk is 7$ /gallon...

    $3k flat-screen TV? On plastic! And I'll take 3!!!