Woodward: Bush Covering Up Iraq Violence

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  1. Interesting. Do have credible reference links for this? Thanks.
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    Samuelson's economic textbooks which were used at the time, and as far as Thurow, his appearances on shows like crossfire. Sorry for no links, but if anyone wants to prove me wrong, I'm all ears.:)
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  3. Ok good enough, thanks.
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  4. Evidently, Woodward has written that amongst other things:

    President Bush was repeatedly told by "top advisors" that more troops were going to be needed in Iraq. And he (and the others) disregarded the assesment.

    President Bush has more than frequently misrepresented the "facts on the ground" to the public.

    President Bush's parents were very worried about the war in Iraq. So much so that his father had difficulties sleeping at night.

    Chief of staff Andrew Card requested that Sec Def Rumsfeld be fired at least a couple of times. Carl Rove also requested his dismissel

    Rumsfeld would refuse to accept phone calls from Condi Rice. It is described as a turbulent relationship.

    Before 9/11, George Tenet believed that Rumsfeld was impeding the effort for getting OBL.

    Woodward's first two books were less critical of the Presidents administration.
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