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  1. Yep, and Tiger's wife doesn't go to the Masters with "fuck you" stenciled on her shirt.

    He simply is the most talented, most disciplined, finest role model ever to play a sport. Take a bow Earl. You did a hell of a job.
  2. All of that and the bad tipper too.

  3. His behavior is questionable at best. (ive heard he is a cheap ass tipper too) and he is less than pleasant to fans.

    try Greg Maddux for the the most disciplined ..MJ for the most talented... and Roger Federer for the role model
  4. Did you guys notice that Arnold made 25 million last year?!? That guy has got to be a billionaire several times over. And all from hitting that little white thing around a course...
  5. John Lennon's estate 44mm. Harrison 22mm.

    I think that is bittersweet at best.

  6. remember, that is after years and years of bad investments, ripoffs, and unfettered spending.

  7. Yeah, the network had to shoot another hole during one event as Tiger repeated "f*ck" a dozen times on one hole in which he shot a bogey.
  8. Tiger's foul mouth is quite the topic of discussion on some of the golf boards. He not infrequently will shout the "GD" word after a bad tee shot. Many find it highly offensive, others don't. Frankly, I wish someone like Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer would take him aside and tell him to knock it off, as it is alienating a significant number of people who otherwise would find him pretty admirable.
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