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  1. Well, kharma is a funny thing.

    Today, Wenesday, 3-24-04 I'm in Woodies room and all the 500+ traders in Woodies CCI room are getting slaughtered in the chop --- certainly the moderator.

    Seems, CCI oscillator cannot "lead" as claimed, at least in choppy markets.

    Of course, Woodie likes to parlay the CCI as "the answer to all".

    Of course, I know what to use to trade it (NOT CCI) and I'm profitable this am.

    CCI traders have to sit on their hands during choppy markets, or else be tempted to jump in and get burned (as they have this am).

    During trending markets CCI is useful, but so are a lot of other techniques.
  2. Your third post and already negative... Good lord, you do suck worse than all of Woodie's traders combined. How about something positive for a change... Not to mention that a day is not over yet... Or perhaps you started a new thread just to tell us that you are being profitable this am? That hardly warrants a fart let alone a new thread... There are already two threads on Woodie and enough negative comments from losers whose only claim to being a 'trader' is a number of posts on this board.
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    Hmmm, electron. Not doing well today? :(
  4. reality hurts doesn't it woodie people ?? your performance shall be monitored from here on out, the TRUTH will be told.

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    comm on` man... get yur facts straight before broadcasting that nonsense of yours
    assuming often makes jack asses :) out of people when they're wrong
    you're soo convinced you're right! all those nobodys disagreeing with you are wrong
    wonder if you trade that way, too? the market must be wrong kinda thing ?

    I'm the "--- its hard to be duped ---" "follower" haha you made reference to yesterday your deluded religious nuts post ...
    One of those nobody nuts. You want reality, truth? Here's a few straight facts:

    I did investigate and for quite some time monitored the trading techniques advocated and used by woodie and others in his room.
    I am glad I did. Met some real nice, seasoned trader people, and saw how others were using the CCI as their primary trading tool.
    I was always amazed how some there could trade, post their trades near real time, answer questions and contribute to the chat discussion, all simultaneously. And make money. For me, however, it became distractive. Mixing continuous chit chat voice/text and my 1' charts wasn't working well.

    So I ended my participation there over a year ago mainly for that reason

    By the way Jack, I don't use the CCI for trading. Not because I doubt its effectiveness. Just that I never mastered the skill of using it to trade consistently well. But I know of others who have.


  7. ok, man. glad to here that you are no longer with the "group", therapy for losing traders.

    it is my contention that it is IMPOSSIBLE to trade, post trades, chat etc all in reel time. how do u know these people are actually trading ?

  8. Ya, I tell marketsurfer the same thing all the time when "we" comes into chat.


  9. LOL, rouge. have you noticed with my new soft arbritrage gig, i have been staying out of "chat".

    it's easy and fun to chat while system trading, but near impossible when scalping for a living.

    surfer :) :)
  10. What's soft arbritrage ?
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