Woodies CCI Club

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DB, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. DB


    Has anyone had any experience trading using the Woodies CCI Club methods? Does it work?
  2. moarla


    does not work
  3. DB


    I don't use it; have my own system; but did "try" to use it and couldn't even come close to making it work...I just keep wondering why there seem to be so many followers?
  4. They're not "followers", they're "disciples"

    Here, have some Kool-aid :cool:
  5. DB


    Well stated, from my perspective. It seems more like a lonely hearts club than a serious trading community.
  6. TGregg


    I once talked to a guy who told me about seeing Woody and his followers at some convention - actually at some bar or restaurant or something similiar near a convention. He saw them all walk in, grab several tables and pull them together.

    Then, none of them ordered any drinks.

    Does some anonymous third hand account of one instance mean they were a bunch of pikers? Nope. But the fever of the supporters combined with the lack of success suggests it's not so great and may even be harmful.
  7. spinn


    His website looks like someone gave a drunk 12 year old a crayon.

    But it is approved by Alan Greenspan, so he must be good....at creating false impressions.