Woodies CCI Club - Real or Fraud

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  1. d08


    His website is a great example of a comedic view of bad 1990s web design though. In 2016 this is priceless as it's still not abandoned. Hey, the chat room costs only $99.95, better hurry!
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  2. Handle123


    I spent years trying to get CCI to work as per Woodie's methods never tested out well at all, as CCI is a very weird indicator, and it making "patterns", it is like throwing paint against a wall, golly it looked like Paul McCartney and now looks like Ringo. I did manage to make one system that works well enough, I did automate it, but no Woodies patterns. I found by using couple of them can make it trade-able but trend trades only, counter trend, just couldn't get anything decent.

    Often wondered if Woodie fades all the signals.....Like longer trend down, chatroom has buy signal then Woodie does "Sell Sell Sell".
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    Jim Jones of trading Vendors, I think they finally ran out of Kool Aid.
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