Woodies CCI Club - Real or Fraud

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by marxdhr, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Woodies CCI club is giving free passes to the submarine races if you sign up within the next 5 days
    #11     Jun 3, 2014
  2. Xena


    It's surprising he has not been locked up in a mental institution.
    #12     Jun 4, 2014
  3. blueone


    Woodie is a joke! I used to follow his "club" He implies he makes money using the CCI, he doesn't and neither does anyone else. I went to a trade a long in seattle, he had a student trade his tiny account, just to " help his confidence" , what a joke , Woodie wouldn't dare trade in front of anyone. I asked him about a " ghost" chart pattern on my screen, he talked so often about, he told me " it could be".......wtf it either is or it isn't. I knew right then and there I had been had! I went up to him later , he couldn't even look at me, pretending to be cleaning up the head table. Yes my fault for following the herd of get rich dreamers, live and learn. Silver lining though, I developed my own style without outside "guru " help. My advice is: trading is strongly tied to your personality, know yourself first, then develop your own compatible style.
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  4. I was in woodies room many years ago when it was free, and busted his senile chops even then.

    amazing how many suckers there are in the world.
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  5. elt4x


    I know a few who are still trading based on Woodies CCI. They can't accept that it's a fraud. What a joke.
    #15     Jun 18, 2014
  6. tpruyn


    Do we make money with Woodie's CCI, we certainly do! Why do you think we have many, like myself, who have been around for 8 plus years. To respond to the person claiming Don Lambert, the original developer of the CCI does not know Woodie, that is baloney like alot of what I have read above. Don certainly does know Woodie and has been to our trade alongs in the past.

    Good trading to all!
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  7. I have to figure the average age of the woodie following is 75.

    If that garbage was any good, he wouldn't be completely forgotton , now woodie.

    I met him at a show years ago , and even then he looked like he'd just been embalmed.
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  8. 2 posts and already outed as a shill
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  9. TGregg


    First heard about this cult about ten years ago. A friend saw them at some traders conference or Expo or something - forget what exactly as it was ten years ago. At one point, many people went up to a lounge that had a nice view. All the "Woodies" (including old man Wood himself) moved a bunch of tables together then sat down. None of them ordered *anything*, other than a few glasses of water, what a buncha pikers lol. For some reason, I just thought of them today. Searched the web, they are still around! Wow.

    And tpruyn has not been back to ET since that post.

    You'd think that after ten years, the word would be out about this particular scam. I mean, how can you even look at his webpage and not say "OMFG. What a scam."?

    People continue to amaze me.
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  10. Zizzy47


    lol, 8 plus years of earning money by charging people for cci mentoring sessions...funny how that contradicts "traders helping traders"...yes, for $60/hour
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