Wont be long before the crash now.

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  1. Hard to say about that.

    Normally, market deflects rate increases until they reach a high enough level...
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    I'm not nervous 'yet' either. I do wonder if we're in wave C though...
  3. It's mainly America that will crash.So don't worry about it bro.

  4. aaargh...
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    Keynes called this phenomena liquidity trap.
  6. Me either. I got my FAS oct 7 puts sitting there waiting to make me money.

  7. It is becoming more and more apparent that Keynesianism has run its course in the US.

    The next wave will probably finish it off.
  8. It is up in the air whether or not we get out of this. All we can do as traders is take advantage, legally please, of the volatility of what to come.

    The authorities 'get it'. Congress finally 'gets it'. All it took was their constituents to be out on their ass in the street, and they finally listened to what we told them for the past how many years.

    There is a lot of consternation and panic, but that means nothing. The catch phrase that is getting their attention is "Wanna see a repeat of September?"

    Now, let's see how captured they really are. Because another September we can't handle.
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