Wonderful humanist Obama ready to cut loose blind Chinese activist.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Publicus, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Publicus


    You can see the wonderful liberals getting ready to cut loose this blind Chinese guy. Shame.

    Q: Why in the fukk, would Obama refuse to comment, when he knows better than anyone if this dissident is in our Embassy or not?

    A: Because our caring, liberal President is trying to find a way to marginalize this guy! Come at me 'bro, if you think there is the slightest possibility of any other explanation.

    Where the fukk is the media in calling out this administration on the artificially (and intentionally) created vacuum around this dissident:?

  2. pspr


    Obama will turn him over to China. Just like he did with the last guy. I'm sure Obama is conducting polls among his base as we speak but it will still mean turn him over for punishment.
  3. Crispy


    What else do you expect from the drone assassin president?
  4. The Chinese could stop buying our Bonds.
    Even worse they could dump what they already own.
  5. Publicus


    Yes, and it's shameful.

    You just know there is a room in Washington D.C. with bleary-eyed people and empty pizza boxes, where they're working around the clock - working to ensure this conciencious dissident does NOT realize his dream of what America stands for.
  6. Publicus


    Well, I knew it.

    The Chinese activist (Chen) seeking protection from the United States has left the protection of the U.S. embassy.

    Press reports state Chen received threats against his family.

    1) If Chen will be fully safe and free in all his activities, what's the difference if he comes to the U.S. or remains in China? Let him come to the U.S.

    But, now China now has control of him again, and something nefarious will happen to this man.

    2) How did Chen receive threats against his family while within the cocoon of the U.S. embassy? The U.S. did NOT help this man.

    Obama-asshole will sell out anyone for his own good.