Wonder Why Asia Is Racing To The Top?

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  1. http://www.tweaktown.com/news/26978...th_just_a_single_day_off_per_month/index.html

    Not saying 16hrs/day, 29 days/month is a good thing... but they're willing to WORK THEIR ASSES OFF TO GET AHEAD...just like Americans used to do.

    Now, with Socialism, we park our butts in front of Oprah while waiting for our government check to come in the mail.

    Pathetic, don't you think? And Odumbo/Libtards want MORE of this... ??

  2. 1) It don't matter shit

    In the near future, most of these factory workers/assemblers/warehouse jobs will eventually be replaced by robots

    It's just that the tech is maybe just not there yet or companies don't want to invest $millions up front in buying robots

    Assembly robots can work 24 hrs/day, no breaks, no errors, no suicides no need to pay their pensions etc

    Wait 'til all these millions of low level workers in China, Korea etc get laid off

    Then wait for the massive social unrest

    2) The fact that Amazon paid $775M cash to acquire a company with robotic warehouse expertise should be a harbinger of things to come

    Fantastic purchase - by buying the #1 player, Amazon also prevents other competitors from using Kiva's technology

  3. Doubt it works as you envision.

    When everybody gets laid off because robots are doing all the work, nobody will have income to buy the things robots make.
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    Not true, the robot owners will have enough income to buy those things.
  5. Well,

    With the industrial revolution, Britain doubled it's economy in 60 years.

    America doubled it's economy in 50 years.

    China is doubling it's economy every 10 years.
  6. Seems to me, Britain and America grew their economies organically.

    China (1) had/has a HUGE, cheap labor force, and (2) was "handed the business" (outsourcing) by the West... in order to cut labor costs and provide cheap goods while boosting corporate profits.

    On the one hand, we benfitted by being able to buy cheap goods. On the other hand, it cost us most of the middle class... their well-paying jobs were outsourced.... leaving displaced Americans with lesser paying jobs or sucking the social tit.

    Was not a "win-win" for us.

    Remeber Ross Perot railing against NAFTA?
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    You mean sitting on your ass waiting for a government handout is not a recipe for success. Whats next, are you going to claim that Asians are getting ahead because they would rather spend money on education versus getting a new set of rims for their car?
  8. Nonsense... I know.
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    Quit your crying, it's capitalism: why don't you own robots?
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    The daily Ricter riddle I presume.

    Either that or he's drunk already - again.
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