Wonder What the Market Would Do If they showed this before the opening bell ?

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  1. Unfortunately, I don't think we can count on that for our salvation. It doesn't take any economic brains to bring on socialism or communism - - just a pen to write new laws, a propaganda machine to convince the majority that those laws are right, and guns to try to enforce it all.
    The old Soviet Union had all of this for 70+ years until the system crumbled. (Many years ago as a kid I visted the USSR - it was a gray place completely falling apart with nothing to buy in any of the stores. People were resigned to days of just barely getting by. People spoke in whispers and were afraid to speak their minds about it. Waiters would sell you tins of fine beluga cavier that sold in the foreigner hard currency stores for $ 100 - - for $ 5 a tin - U.S. dollars only, no rubles.)
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