Wonder What the Market Would Do If they showed this before the opening bell ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tigerjaw, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Exactly why he was elected. Obama's funders convinced the sheeple that their puppet boy would be their only "hope".
  2. Yeah, Bush knew so much about economy, war and crisis. We should sign a petition to bring him back. Maybe he can be the head of the Federal Reserve.:D
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    I didn't need to see that video, it was painfully obvious. What is wrong here is that the image of brilliance and competance was sold as the 'change'. America fell for a sales pitch with nothing behind it, although most liberals would not care anyway.
  4. I think Obama is the anti-Christ, but that video is just asinine. Re: the "mid growth" comment, he was clearly making a joke.

    I would not be surprised if that conversation had never happened and he was just trying to discuss the concept of diversification by quoting a seemingly authoritative figure ($20-$30m Ibanker).
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    IF cnbc or bloomberg or any other news channel showed that video nothing would happen, did bush do anything to keep this economy from losing jobs, bush didnt even care what was going on, I have heard more talk about whats going on about this economy in one week with obama than the last 8 years while bush was in office.
  6. And that retard McCain would be any better?

    How many of you fools went to Harvard?
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    Bush went to Yale, so what? If we are at the point that you have to bring up that you are impressed this guy got affirmative action at Harvard, instead of the results he is generating, then that just illustrates how desperate we really are.
  8. "Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" - - the human capacity for self deception is absolutely amazing. People hear and see whats right before them . . . and make excuses and alter meaning in order to fit their own personal preconceived viewpoint.
  9. Maybe the administration will be so economically retarded that they won't even know how to transform this country into socialism. I wouldn't be surprised.
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