Wonder what that douche bag Kudlow's excuse is

Discussion in 'Economics' started by huh, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. huh


    For the past several months this MORON has blamed Obama being ahead in the polls for the reason why the market is down. Now that McCain has taken the lead and the market is getting ready to test our lows again so does that mean the market is selling off because McCain is gonna win!.....

    Nevermind the economy is crap, job numbers are crap, inflation is high (unless you don't eat or use energy in that case you're doing fine with inflation!).

    Why can't CNBC put on a show with somebody that actually understands the market with an unbiased political view. Whenever I watch his show I can literally "FEEL" my brain cells dying, I think watching "THE HILLS" on MusiclessTV is more informative than this worthless waste of space.

    It makes me shudder to say that I'd take Cramer over Kudlow. Why can't he just die already, I'd love to DRILL DRILL DRILL a grave for him.
  2. piezoe


    Moron is perhaps giving him a bit to much credit.
  3. Try going back about 70 years, when news reported the news and not opinion.
  4. huh


    Must have been nice back then. I'm sick and tired of the smell of republican or democrat butthole coming through my TV whenever one of these douche bag "hosts" open their mouth on Fox, CNBC, CNN etc.

    I really would like to have a straight shooter who gives you an honest perspective of how Obama will screw us and how McCain will screw us and let the viewer decide who we prefer to get screwed by!

    No wonder the youth of this country would rather waste their time watching reality TV than the supposed news shows....there's more reality in reality TV than any of this other trash.
  5. Sponger


    This has become a very real problem in the media....so much for unbiased objective reporting.
  6. So many threads on ET are related to bad programming on TV. shut the thing OFF!! I did not have one at all for ten years once, it was great, then I got a free one so I hooked it up and a month later I sold it off and didn't have one for another decade.... haven't had one for the last 3-4 years either, peaceful household really.... get FIOS for telephone, internet and movies on demand and a library card, your brain will thank you... I'm thinking of getting a Kindle actually, that thing trumps TV every single day..... TV is sort of a mindless addiction really, easy to overcome though, nothing like cigarettes. It is bubblegum for the mind at best.