women's breasts are indecent

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  1. silly world we live in. :-/

    janet jackson is a modern day christopher columbus.
  2. Well, mind as well, show penis and vaginas...

    As a matter of fact, let's have porn on network TV....

    Hey, it's all natural...
  3. maybe in like 300 years.

    think about it, major cultural changes will take place. what will they be? for one, my money would be on the ending of this nudity/sex is bad bs. everyone has a naked body and everyone is here because of sexual organs. furthermore, at or near the top of everyone's favorite activity list is f***ing. so wtf is the big deal?!

    the problem on a grand scale: http://www.johnpratt.com/items/email/2002/monkeys.html
  4. Europe has nudity on day time TV. Are they 100 years ahead of us?

    On a related note, when I was studying abroad in Paris, I saw this electronic video in France in the day time. It was a bunch of naked chicks with white paint all over thier bodies dancing very sensually together on a white dance floor with only white surroundings to see. Anyways, at the climax of the song showerheads from no where appear and wash off all the paint, while the chicks continue to dance. I love that video. Anyone know the name..?
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    why can we show mens nipples but not womens??? why can we show mens butts on tv but not womens??? why can infants be nude on tv but not adults??? why can they show nudity on documentaries but not in general???
  6. the answer is bs religious traditions + my monkey link above.
  7. "The FCC's power to regulate speech, obscene or otherwise," says Dr. Locke, "is an obscene violation of the right to free speech, and the Congress and the FCC should get out of the business of regulating media content. Just as each individual should determine what he sees or hears, so each media company should determine what it broadcasts. Parents have the responsibility for supervising what their children see and hear in the media. I don't condone the use of bad language on radio or TV by anyone, but broadcasters have a right to use whatever language they want—just as I have a right not to listen.
    "The alleged justification for FCC regulation is the completely arbitrary assumption that the airwaves are 'public property' and therefore have to be overseen by the government. The First Amendment clearly states: "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press." Such freedom requires that the airwaves, like the printing press, be used in complete freedom—any way the owners wish. If people find a program objectionable, they are free to turn it off. It is as simple as that. The FCC or special interest groups or vote-pandering politicians have no right to dictate what we see and hear."

  8. Why does the FCC even have authority over commercial television? The "public airways" are BS. Most people get their TV from pipes into their homes.

    People use the "public airways" to recieve the internet on their mobile phone for example. Yet the FCC isn't regulating the net.

    Yes Michael Powell, seeing Janet Jacksons booby caused me to have convulsions and we've all been seriously harmed as a result.
  9. There you go again spouting off more of your bullshit anti-theist rhetoric! Religious tradition is NOT the reason why nudity is not shown on TV. The word "religious" encompasses a lot more than just your "puritan" and "fundamentalist Christian" practices. Are you grouping Tao, Buddhism and every other religion under the sun as the cause for this?

    The United States was settled primarily by purists and we are still, by and large, a very conservative country. Don't blame "god" for this problem -- just blame how our society has interpreted things since its foundation.
  10. yet.

    after another 4 years of media mergers, ashcroft, and powell jr., we'll see...
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