women traders on ET

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  1. With over 47,500 members, I would like all the women traders to just say "hey" and maybe add a few words if they like as to why they think there are not so many women in this field, and possibly your experiance in the markets.

  2. I think its because they know I'm picturing them naked
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    69 so obvious
  4. Because of answers like the above women would rather stay incognito. Some men never grow up and insist on being foolish.

    Women will become more and more prevalent in this business with electronic entry since jerk men will not make fools of themselves...................:eek:
  5. 2000 years of the church suppressing women and sexuality and nobody has a sense of humour anymore... guess some women will listen to everything a jerk man has to say as long as he has a long black robe on
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    exactly on target. perhaps we need a poll for the silliest thread by the way mr69 this is not the first thread to cover this inane subject.
  7. with that freakin' handle... how do u expect to get a reply????

    :confused: :confused:
  8. Perhaps he was born in 1969 and you people just have filthy minds?
  9. The good news about more and more women trading futures, stocks, options etc is quite simple. They can reject a pass on Friday night and on Monday when the mkts open they can clean out your wallet..................:D

    Personally i think women will become a VERY large part of the financial community relative to today...........
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    even if you should happen to be right, it is a foolish choice of a handle for someone to use if they want to create a thread like this one.
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