Women Show Deep Drop In Church Attendance

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  1. women are emotional creatures. that is why they have always been the glue behind the church. religion is a delusion that gains its power by emotional pandering so women were more susceptible. if women are starting the see through the religious delusion and rejecting it, not good for the church business.

    Women Show Deep Drop In Church Attendance
    By Adelle M. Banks
    c. 2011 Religion News Service

    (RNS) Women, long considered the dominant pew dwellers in the nation's churches, have shown a dramatic drop in attendance in the last two decades, a new survey shows.

    Since 1991, the percentage of women attending church during a typical week has decreased by 11 percentage points to 44 percent, the Barna Group reported Monday (Aug. 1).

    Sunday school and volunteering among women also has diminished. Two decades ago, half of all women read the Bible in a typical week -- other than at religious events. Now 40 percent do.

    The survey also found a marked stepping away from congregations: a 17 percentage increase in the number of women who have become "unchurched."

    "For years, many church leaders have understood that 'as go women, so goes the American church,'" wrote Barna Group founder George Barna, on his website. "Looking at the trends over the past 20 years, and especially those related to the beliefs and behavior of women, you might conclude that things are not going well for conventional Christian churches."

    The Ventura, Calif.-based researchers compared surveys of more than 1,000 people in 1991 and 2011.

    They found that the percentage of women who strongly believe the Bible is accurate in all it teaches declined by 7 percentage points to 42 percent. And those who view God as "the all-knowing, all-powerful and perfect Creator of the universe who still rules the world today" dropped from 80 percent to 70 percent.

    "Women used to put men to shame in terms of their orthodoxy of belief and the breadth and consistency of their religious behavior," wrote Barna. "No more; the religious gender gap has substantially closed."
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    Max E.

    Funny how you can easily replace the word "religion" with liberalism, in this article and it makes perfect sense.
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    Itself a religious statement.
  4. yeah, church, big pharma and banks are three most profitable businesses.

    women being majority of their customers.
    it is always women who want to buy houses on mortgage, very rarely men.

    in societies where men rule over women, buying on mortgage or credit cards almost does not happen.

    women are so easy to manipulate into buying drugs which slowly harm the body or in many cases kill. women will force the use of drugs onto children and men.

    church is one of the most evil organization on earth, of all times.
    most money goes to church from women pockets.

    but it is men fault for not being able to teach women how to live.
    if not to church women will give away their lives and money and happiness to some other abusers.
  5. women are a civilizing influence for men. without that men would still be living in caves.
  6. yes.
    all the greatest scientists, philosophers, film directors, painters are men. women sometimes influence their work, sometimes make it harder.

    back to topic: womens new church and new God are luxury brands. after visiting a basillica to see its huge size, art, vast amount of gold covered roofs, women go to their most sacred places: LVMH, Prada and Hermes shops.

    this is how they call a "civilized", "high", "top class" way of living.
    women will never see anything spiritual in a boy meditating under a tree. you know, where's the gold and 50 feet sculptures and 80,000 tones of stone buildings? these are the only things worth women attention and admiration. and its precisely why church has built such immense buildings. no women will ever care about the clerks who rape children. or will care whether or not the church commands are good or bad.

    the priests must wear elegant, shiny clothes made from silk, prada shoes (like ratzinger) and must be surrounded by eye-popping wealth. its how you gain loyal sheeps!
  7. you must be young. you have an immature attitude about women. most of the women i know are hard working with two full time jobs.
    several of the younger women in my extended family are smart as a whip. studying to be doctors ect. they apply themselves to a goal and do the work to get there. the boys on the other hand are immature. to them its all about having fun.
  8. depends where you live and how do you view human development.

    if working at two jobs is something you admire in women... ok.

    i think its the opposite- women ruin their lives working like a slaves.

    most women i know in my country either earn very very poor salaries or work 10-11 hrs a day and have no real life. both are deeply unhappy, to their own choice.
  9. i'd rather have fun and enjoy life then be attached to serious goals, pray in the church or apply chemotherapy or vaccines as a dumb, "professional" doctor.
  10. more power to ya. can i have fries with that order?
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