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  1. this year i went to my 15th high school reunion and couldn't believe my eyes. how did all those cute 17 year olds turn into wrinkly, overweight prunes so quickly? i thought perhaps my nostalgic memory was playing tricks on me so i thumbed through my h.s. yearbook, and it confirmed those girls were actually pretty back in the day.

    now i'm thinking, what if i marry a beautiful 21 year old who turns into a suze orman look-a-like by 35? damnit that's a sobering thought. is a girl's mom an accurate predictor of the girl when she ages?
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    I'm pretty sure you won't notice the change at all while you share your life with her. Thinking like that proves you are still very immature. Look for personality that you can love eternally. Or would you start day trading women, as soon as looks cease?
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    Not always, but I think there is enough correlation there to take notice of it.

    I went to my 25 year HS reunion 3 years ago. First thing that amazed me is how many former classmates were already dead. There must have been two dozen or more.

    We had a 5 and 10 but no 15 or 20 year reunion so it had been 15 years since I had seen them. I was able to recognize most of the men. Some had hardly changed at all. One exception was a guy I had known from 1st through 12th grade. I wouldn't have recognized him if I was standing next to him in broad day light.
    Most the women on the other hand had changed drastically. There were only 3 - 4 I was able to recognize at all and of all the former HS hotties only two would still be considered attractive by the average guy.

    Oh the ravages of time.
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    1. What makes you think that you at 33 can marry a 21 years old?( I apologize if you are a millionare)

    2. How the GUYS looked like after 15 years? I bet they were sligthly "bigger" then 15 years ago.


    1. Marry a 15 years old, than you have 6 extra years before she turns sour.

    2. Marry a 45 years old, I assume they change LESS as they get older... :)
  7. 1. i'm dating a 22 year old now... the previous two I dated were both 23. there is no shortgage of young women who want the security of a 30ish guy but don't want an old fart..

    2. yes, many guys lose it when they turn 30 but i take time to work out and eat right, so i haven't fallen into that trap. but the point of this thread is about women over 30, dont change the topic.

    besides exterior appearance, there's another reason i don't like women over 30. they are cynical of men and carry huge emotional baggage. most single women over 30 have some bad experience with men (divorce, heartbreak, being cheated on). there's nothing worse than a bitter, over-the-hill chick who's automatically suspicious of every man.
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    oh no.please noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:eek:
  9. If they were well proportioned in high school, by the time they get to their forties they are fat. Girls that were skinny as a rail in high school are sometimes very good looking in their forties. This is my experience from class reunions.
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    yes...this is a for sure in latin woman...who where very voluptious as young girls and the hit in high school...the skinny cup a's in high school are mostly still nice and thin as woman...
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