Women on the wall street

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  1. Does anyone know the famous women e.g. Linda Bradford Raschke, peformance?
  2. Enough to buy 1 or 2 horses ! :D
  3. Actually LBR is highly overrated from what I've heard...she's all mouth, but can't apply her own concepts.
  4. It seems every famous name is overrated, Larry Williams, Victor Niederhoffer even Soros, the guys in LTCM...

    Who is underrated?


    Aside from Elaine Garzarelli, and Muriel Siebert there are not too many others that I know. I will say this, of all the traders I have taught and mentored, women by far seem to have the propensity to be more successful than men, the same is true on the golf course. I've had women play through my game many times.

    Here's what I attribute to successful women traders (most):

    - Much more graceful than men. Take their time, and much more calculated in their approach. Just like thier golf swing.

    - No problem taking a loss. Just like no problem stopping and asking for directions when they're lost.

    - Have more willingness to learn, and improve their trading. They don't blame anyone for losses, they just get very angry and then become very determined.

    - The discipline is extraordinary.

    We men have alot to learn from some women traders.
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    silvia wadhwa is the best

  7. Sexist generalizations. You're only perpetuating meaningless out of sample stereotypes. :eek:


    Nah. Only speaking from my experience with female traders. Very amazing how females fit many of the stereotypes, and none of many others.
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    You have no idea what you are talking with regard to Linda Raschkes trading performance. I've went to one her live trading workshops in Las vegas some time ago, and watched her and Mark Cook Trade. Linda traded live with the precision of a surgeon. From what I remember she made like 15-20K on a pre FOMC day. She is by far the best trader I have ever seen. I remember on break as everyone was getting water,coffee etc... she was still flipping through her charts to get a roadmap on the upcoming afternoon activity. A true student of the markets and a great trader. She absolutely follows everthing she teaches.

    Dave Scott :) :) :)
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