Women in Trading

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  1. My Trading Story

    by Katie Thomassen

    Being on the trading floor is different from being anywhere else. You're walking into a place where there aren't many women, and it's overwhelming at first. You don't get special treatment, but being a woman can help, because you might be more sensitive to your customers' needs. Your head must be in the game at all times -- every trade execution is a reflection of your skills.

    I dress to blend in, not stand out. Definitely business attire. You can never wear high heels, because you have to stand all day. I would rather be taken seriously than be a distraction. Also, being a woman, you have to control your emotions and have thick skin. You have to be very strong. There are times when you want to give up. You think, "I don't need this." But you just have to take a deep breath.

    You're being watched all the time, and if you show that slight crack of emotion, you lose your edge. I'm pretty calm, but the first time a customer yelled at me -- I'd seen it happen, but I'd never had it happen to me -- it's hard. When they're screaming, you have to put yourself into a different zone. When you go home and the doors close, sometimes you want to cry. But you remember it's just business, and at the end of the day, people shake hands and walk away.

    Katie Thomassen is an institutional sales trader/clerk for the brokerage arm of Belzberg Technologies on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

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  2. Anyone else bored by the "women in trading" PC crapola?
  3. First you plagirize the Oct/Nov 2006 edition of TRADER Monthly then you post a job listing?

  4. First, I posted a reference link with the article.

    Second, the article and subscription are free.

    Third, you missed the point.

  5. LG, look deeper.
  6. LEON-----Atleast you chose the pretty one in the bunch!
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    Very accurate journalism, she is sitting in a NYBOT ring, yet she "works" @ The NYSE!
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  9. The real Leon woulda been romancin' her by now. :-/

  10. LOL, this thread finally delivers something of value ... a good laugh! :D

    ... actually, it was always that.

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