Women have too much authority?

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  1. Anyone else agree with me that women have too much authority in society today. women's rights has pretty much diminished the power of men to a certain extent. The Arabs for all of their flaws and have a good system going on regarding containing feminism, and it's too bad we're a bunch of pussies.
  2. Stock, let me take a wild guess here, you have never had a girlfriend and you are still a virgin? Pretty much nailed it huh?
  3. women's rights has pretty much diminished the power of men to a certain extent.

    To a certain extent,womens rights have diminshed the power of women who want to be cared for and women who just want to be mothers.
  4. There is just too much feminism in the lives of Americans and more in corporate America. Seems like everybody is pushing hard to give more control and power to women everywhere

    As explained in Bible and other books this is a sign that we are close to the end of times. Just like denying God everywhere rise of gays and homosexuals etc etc
  5. I am not worried about women having authority.

    I am worried about not being able to tell the difference between a liberal guy and a girl excluding the deeper voice and physical features.

    For every one masculine trait my liberal guy friends have they have around 10 feminine traits. They are such softies and make sure to never do or say anything offensive even when everyone is just bullshitting.

    You have got to like them though because they make a spectacular butt of a joke.

    Hmm maybe because thunderdog is so use to being the butt of all the jokes he needs to come on here and make attempts to make other people the butt of jokes.

    Ah liberals. You have got to love em. They are too easy.
  6. I guess your idea of a man is a macho guy. By this model Bill Gates can't compete with Chuck Norris.

    Modern man is not supposed to be a brute but a smart and polished individual. Physical attributes are reserved for grunts.
  7. Women power is children power as well. In a society where a man's power is unrestricted, a man can abuse his children and be a total scumbag and get away with it.

    Women's rights constitute progress.
  8. I wasn't talking about physical attributes.

    I was talking about the fact that my liberal friends are neither assertive nor strong minded. They are flimsy and weak unless you start talking about Barack Obama or global warming.

    You can be smart and be assertive or be flimsy. That doesn't matter. I was just saying that all the ones I know are flimsy push overs.

    I am not saying how one should live life. I am saying how life can be lived best. I think if women took on more masculine traits they would be better suited for the world. Hence Hillary Clinton.

    The best traits a person can have is a mix of the two somewhat. It's not ideal when a man only has masculine traits and a women only has feminine traits. It's downright embarrassing when a women has only masculine traits and a man has only feminine traits.

    Don't you see a problem if every man took on feminine traits? Russia would be serving us breckfest in less than a month.
  9. Cesko


    Can't read this person's non-sense anymore.
  10. My idea of a man is someone who takes care of business. That means providing for his family. It does not include being a neanderthal.

    Using an example from antiquity, I would rather be Octavian than Mark Anthony. Reason vs Macho.
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