Women don't know their role in relationship

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  1. ok, just playing with theory... trying to figure out why women are such moody bi*ches, the majority of them at least. now i know this may come off as a little derogatory but i sincerely mean no disrespect to anyone reading this.

    <bQ:</b> so antincedo, why do the majority of women act like cunts one way or another after giving them enough time to show their true cuntyness?

    A: well, i believe this may have something to do with growing up as a young women in todays unique society. you see, women aren't cunts as children, no their just innocent little children.. their bitterness hasn't formed yet. as they grow into a world in a country where they are constantly being told that they are equal. untill that is they learn the truth that the vision of equality they grew up believing in has been nothing but a fallacy. they are being dominated by men at work, their managers, their relationships with boyfriends, treated like meat by every guy that passes by. now unless properly raised to deal with this reality, i believe it angers them. they become bitter... never to develop the proper mind set to handle this type of environment on their own. this also causes much confusion in relationships, as women are lead to believe they are equal and think that equality means identical roles in a relationship, it does not. women don't know how to let a man be the man of the relationship without feeling inferior. when a womens role can be just as important, just in a different manner. men and women are not the same, women that are bitter cunts are so because of utter confusion. their told the world is suppose to be one way, yet it clearly is another. so they take on the role of trying to act 'dominant' like a man to compensate.. instead of finding their own powers as a women.

    or something like that...
  2. ok, just playing with theory... trying to figure out why women are such moody bi*ches,

    I have my theories.Little girls growing up learn the concept of "moody bitches"from their mothers.

    We all have our up days and down days, but the first time your two year old daughter throws a temper tantrum it is the mother who calls her a moody bitch.

    Secondly, it is the mother or grandmother who first introduces the term "hooker" or "slut" when addressing the child. The four year old girl plays "dress up" with mommys make up and clothes and the mother says you look like a hooker with high heels and lipstick.

    The 6 yer old girl imitates and tries to dance like whoever she watches on mtv. "Quit dancing like a slut"!!!

    Next in line "cuntyness". This is probably the stage where the re enforcement of bitch hooker and slut is recognized and supported by peers. Girls are tweens and after years of the bitch slut and hooker comments from mom and grandma, time for a new adjective - cunt.
  3. First off, don't be a pussy and start off your post by apologizing to those who might be offended, and insisting that you are not a msygonist ^_^

    Now, what you describe is perfectly true and accurate

    But what is the cause?

    Guy leads the girl. Not just in terms of deciding where to go on a date, but also socially, and spiritually.

    Study history, any time men in a certain country start to become immoral, the woman necessarily follow and become f*cked up.

    So to answer your question, the reason why girls are so messed up is because most guys are immoral, pussies who will do anything for a lay

    Thing long and hard about why sluts and gold-diggers are allowed to thrive - it has something to do with men
  4. you see i am not a misogynist, i love and respect women and believe society is more to blame. nor do i believe that women should blindly follow and do as men instruct. a women should be as independent and free spirited as a man, as it has its place. yet in a relationship women need to adapt to a role in order to support the structure of a healthy relationship and in doing so may be able to raise other decent women in such a society. you see i am not putting down women because the majority of them are cunts, i feel it is an extremely unfortunate thing. this saddens me terribly. i'm merely pointing out why and perhaps a better perspective that women could learn to adopt.
  5. A man is speeding down a narrow mountain road, when a woman comes hurtling round the corner. He swerves to avoid her, but as she passes she leans out the window and screams 'PIG!'

    Astonished, the man turns and yells back, 'CUNT!' as he reaches the bend and crashes into a pig.
  6. karol88


    most of the time it depends on how you act and how you treat them...if you treat them like a princess, they will pay you off with being bitchy...sad but true....show them who's the boss :)

    this is coming from a female....:)
  7. You read it wrong - I know you are not msygonstic at all - just point out that in our society, guys are so afraid of saying anything 'negative' about women for fear of being labeled msogynistic, that they have to preface everything by saying: 'Oh, I do love women and respect them.'

    No need to explain yourself - I see exactly where you are coming from

    Now the question is, well if most girls are cunts (which I agree completely with), then what is a guy to do?

    Develop even more character and class - and you will be able to attract an elegant girl. Of course the fact that there are so many cunts will cause you to waste time and energy NEXTing worthless girls, but no way around that
  8. Some of the posts so far in this thread are not exactly covering the male gender in glory...

    Most of it is like listening to a group of beer bellies seeing whose belch is the loudest.

    There are decent and annoying guys. There are decent and annoying girls. Get over it.

    I suspect most of the belchers here would think that the damned female label does not really apply to most of their own mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and daughters... It is the OTHER women who are bad...
  9. In my twenties, I was on the road with a band for about 5 years. We travelled around and suffice it to say that we had no problem attracting attention from the women in social settings. I got a chance to observe thousands of guys trying to talk to women. I realized that most men think women are bitches because they have no idea how to talk to them. They are driven by sexual frustration. They want to get laid but the object of their desire often senses that that's all they want and rejects them. They don't have the skills to get what they want out of a modern woman. So for them, women are 'bitches' and 'cunts'. Of course, this attitude dooms them completely.

    In part, it's down to the media. Some women want very good looking, masculine guys. 85% of men just don't have the physical presence to meet this standard. Many could, but they don't have the discipline necessary to build their bodies and maintain themselves in a manner which will attract women. Men like the OP can't be satsified with one of the millions of women who would be happy to be with them. Those women aren't gorgeous Hollywood babes and can't be found at dance clubs.

    The irony is that under the facade, most women want the same thing. They want a stable guy who is a man first although he's willing to listen and has some compassion and has a chance of being a good dad. Men's eyes have grown too big. They can't get the women they see on TV. So all women are cunts.

    The belief that women 'don't know their role' is the unconscious result of rejection. Of course it's absurd, but it is also part of the reason that these men will never find what they seek.

    Sad, really.
  10. i believe you're misinterpreting my post.
    im not speaking of rejection in any way. this applies to friendships as well as intimate relationships with women. not courtship and rejection. i will also say, it seems to be the majority and is definitely not all inclusive. there are those that i come across who are genuinely good women that don't walk around with a chip on their shoulder.

    to add to your reply, i would never consider a women a 'cunt' because she's not interested in me. that would be silly and a projection of my own insecurities.
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