Women are sore losers

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Women are sore losers

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  1. Guys lose a game, get over it and have a beer at a game and call it a day.

    It seems women are different, and This whole PUMA thing seems to show it in a new light.

    I mean they are going to vote for McCain. Thats like Jewish people voting for Hitler because they did not like the that their friend did not get elected, even knowing that Hitler has some gaschambers all ready to go.

    So what do you think, true they are sore losers or not
    Makes sense why you do not see many women traders.
  2. There's some truth to what you say.

    Actually, it's only fitting. The Clintons were big affirmative action advocates their whole lives. Now they get to experience it up close and personal. The better qualified white applicant gets passed over for the unqualified minority. No wonder young voters are confused by the Clintons' reaction. Isn't that what's supposed to happen?
  3. Not to mention being labeled a racist when convenient.

  4. Yes, I think that was uncalled for. Bill Clinton's comment during the primaries was not racist. It was merely frank and observational.

    I also have difficulty understanding how some Hillary Clinton supporters may not vote for Obama. I find it troubling.
  5. Cesko


    What I find troubling is that there are so many really stupid people willing to vote for Obama kind. Go read, get some information on the idiot. Of course you have to get beyond Time and Newsweek magazines.
  6. ...George McCain?
  7. And into Rupert Murdoch's Foxhole?
  8. Cesko


    What is this about Fox being any different from all others?? Get an information about voting patterns of major network media people. 90% vote Democrats (surprise!?) INCLUDING FOX PEOPLE.
    Stupid non-sense cliche Fox is right from the center.My ass!
  9. Cesko


    Right it's all the same.
    I guess you are one of those who cries or faints when mullato idiot speaks his drivel about nothing.
    Like SEINFELD show about nothing. Obama prick is a politician about nothing.

    P.S. And no I don't like dumb-ass McCain.
  10. Actually guys this is media duplicity at work.

    There's a HUGE gender gap showing up in the polls.

    But it's the other way!!

    Obama leads McCain among women vs. men by as many as 17pts in some states!

    look at New York!


    Here's Minnesota:

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