women are inferior

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  1. Whether it is the sciences, althetics, the arts, politics, entrepreneurship, defense, or spirituality - it is always men that excel. In all these areas it is men that continue to raise the bar for the good of all of humanity.
    As far as women, come on how much talent does keep a house clean, cooking a meal, and looking after the kids require? And yet the average girl these days can't even do that. God clearly created women to serve men.
    As men, we are under seize these days by the feminazis.
  2. And this is in the psychology forum for what reason? What is your trading psychology point or question?
  3. its called jokin around

  4. FT, fellow Man, I'm sorry if you are offended. The feminazis have all but made this kind of frank and honest talk very politically incorrect. They have made men feel guilty about their superiority.
    This is the psychology forum and I am merely pointing out the obvious phenomenon of the superiority of the male psychology over the female psychology. It is clear until the recent rise of the feminazis, that women all over the world have lived happy lives in subservience to men in all cultures all over the world for eons.
    I am not disrespecting women at all - I am simply pointing out that God/Nature/whatever created them to be subservient to men.
  5. Hey aeliodon

    So are you a man or a woman?

    The reason I ask is this. Psychologically speaking, if we were to analyze the need for someone to make a post like this on an anonymous message board, it's pretty clear that it indicates quite a bit of mental weakness, and let's be honest, it's the kind of weakness we would expect from a woman. After all, why would a man, who is by nature mentally strong and not concerned with gossipy shit like 'feminazis' or whining about PC or whatever, make a post like this? A real man wouldn't even bother.

    The only other explanation that I can think of comes from my studies in University, where I took an introductory genetics course as a science elective. In that course, we learned that the concept of gender, while pretty much fixed, can in some cases be a bit slippery. For example, there can exist a man (male chromosomes) who exhibits the physical characteristics of a woman (no body hair, fat deposits like a woman, high voice, smaller heart, etc etc). So I just thought that if you're not a woman, maybe you're one of those men who is 'partially' female. This would explain the post you made, which we would expect from a woman.

    Just my $0.02..
  6. Superior? Would this argument also apply against blacks? Jews (a la Nazism)? How about the Irish and Italians (wops) who immigrated here a hundred years ago and were considered inferior? Or the Chinese (aka "coolies")? Russians? Spics? Nips?

    During WW2, we decided to put Japanese Americans into internment camps, but not the German or Italian Americans (they looked more like "us").

    Every group, race, ethnic background in the Earth are all precisely the same Homo Sapiens species. The only reason some think they are superior to others, is because they are ignorant.

    The only reason that men or Caucasians (I am both) had the preferential employment and the greater discoveries etc., is that they basically have been in control of the societal levers.

    When I work with male or female analysts, engineers, programmers, etc., there is zero difference in their capability or dedication, on average.

    Yes, the "feminazis" go overboard. But I doubt you would take kindly to your daughter being mistreated and insulted by others ( in the sort of fashion you do above to half the population). If someone raped your mother or sister, would you think she deserved it? Or would you pick up a shotgun and go after the perpetrator?

    If men are so superior, how come they make up 90% of the prison population?
  7. without women men would still be living in caves.
    God didnt create women or men for that matter. that is a fairy tale.
  8. Women are better at LIFE. How else can you explain the fact that they live longer despite all the shit they take from men?
  9. without women men would still be living in caves.

    Mortgage free and happy.
  10. every race is not the same. why are certain races prone to certain diseases/illnesses? why do certain races have black hair, or curly hair, or green eyes?

    genetically, races are very different. don't tell me that eye-color and hair-color are the only thing that's different among races. it's too PI to admit there are other differences. intelligence being one that no one wants to talk about.
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