Women and Unemployment

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  1. There are many millions of worldwide families where husband and wife earn high salaries. Example husband earns $40,000 per month and wife also earns $40,000 per month. So their household income is $80,000 per month. But there are many millions of umemployed men and women who do not have money to feed their families.

    I am saying that when the husband is earning $40,000 per month there is no need for his wife to work and she should be a housewife. This way she will create employment for some umemployed person.

    It is men's responsibility to earn good money and feed their family. I agree if something happens to husband then wife should start working and earn money to feed the family.

    If husband and wife both are earning high salaries then wife is creating unemployment in the world society. Think about it.

    The reason American women started working is that American men went to fight in world war 2 and I agree American women managed USA economy better than Obama.
  2. That's feminism for you.
  3. I have observed unemployment and women for past 15 years so today I have written about it. Just think if 10 million rich women worldwide resign from their job then 10 million unemployed men or women will get jobs/employment. There will be less crime and suffering in the world. Truth is bitter and difficult to accept.
  4. It's worse than that. The question should be asked: Why is the husband only earning 40,000 USD. A sum that probably does not compensate his for his labor (as it once did) and does not keep up with inflation in healthcare and housing.

    It's simple once women were added to the workforce the job-seeking pool became diluted and wages feel. It's simple supply and demand exactly what the private sector wanted.

    A side-effect of course is that were have a younger generation that was not raised by their mothers and have turned out emotionally and psychologically damaged (and less confident).

    You go girl! You can have it all!!
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    And, of course, women do not matter as people in their own right. They only matter in how they pertain to men.
  6. Not these days. That is not at all what I am seeing. I see men becoming second-class citizens.

    Toward the end of the Roman empire women also started to earn their own wages, have less children, become independent. Suffice it to say, we all know where that led..
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    Well, then, by all means...keep the women subservient and dependent.

    I'd be real interested in your list of how men are becoming second-class citizens.
  8. Keep? Again, you are assuming that they currently are.

    One could argue that on many ways women are more subservient and dependent than ever before (i.e. Beauty industry, etc.)

    It has also been shown that women are less happy in their current roles than before. You views are righteous, but not necessarily beneficial to women or society as whole.
  9. Women should not be encouraged to work as they are these days . If a woman needs to work or really want to, fine, but society is now brainwashing women into thinking a career is the be all and end all of their life and that if they are a housewife , they will be some sort of second class citizen, a failure.
    I wonder if any study has been made on the relationship between women's "independence"and crime . The thing is the media won't address such issues or anything that goes against the feminist ideology. Now for women to be independent it's great, it's good for men too in a way, but there are certainly some big side effects to which we turn a blind eye.
    The US is arguably the country where women have made the greatest headways from a feminist point of view. But the US has also one of the highest crime rate among developed countries and a very high rate of divorces. I attribute much of the gun violence in the US to the disconnect between men and women and the breakdown of families.

    After getting a taste of the rat race I would think most women who can afford it would rather be a housewife. Frankly I would rather stay at home too, given the choice. But for a lot of women, having a job is a matter of "staying busy" and meeting people ( not feeling locked up at home), it 's like having a hobby .
    So women take men's jobs, and we have unemployed men , and we know that an unemployed woman is much better for society than an unemployed man who can possibly turn to criminal activities or turn violent out of frustration .

    IMHO Society should really do a better job of teaching women what their priorities should be .
  10. are there really millions of households with 2 bread winners making almost 500k each a year? your study would work better with 200k. also we live in a different world now. the world you describe only had white people. i don't think americans work as hard or are smarter than the indians and asians. this was not happening in the 1950's. also if your making 200k its a job you have real value in and you can't figure a company would pay someone else that.

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