Woman's yard sale to pay medical bills shut down by city.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Fucking sad that people like you think this women shouldn't be helped

    She gets sick by no fault of her own and you people support her losing everything to pay medical bills.
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    Hey AK..

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  3. Absolutely nothing to do with liberalism, yard and private sales restrictions were encouraged by local commerce associations in times past to protect the interests of their members. A lot of these city and county ordnances were introduced in the leaner times of your nations past.
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    Fucking sad that people like you think this women shouldn't be allowed to take care of herself, as in raise money to pay her own medical bills.
  5. Mom still needs to wipe your butt for you, doesn't she?

  6. why then did you go to school, creaming off other peoples knowledge if you're such a wise guy. Taxpayer money was used for much of your education.......Luke. :mad: .
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    You're an imbecile.

    My parents tax dollars did pay for my public education grades 1 - 12.
    Everything else came out of my pocket or was paid for by my employer in exchange for my services.

  8. Prove it . :mad: .
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    You prove it with EVERY SINGLE POST. You're just too much of an imbecile to realize it.
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