Woman with PhD in math is a serial lottery winner

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    Forget trading, if you are good at math, there is a scratch lottery for you:


    "Joan Ginther, the woman who's racked up four Texas Lottery million-dollar-plus wins over the years.
    The lottery said she had just gotten lucky, but now one expert thinks she might have figured out how to game the system in a completely legal way.
    .....she's figured out the algorithm used in printing scratch-offs, and the lottery's method of delivering cards to stores, to greatly increase her chance of buying a winner.

    Ginther has been extremely secretive with her wins, choosing the "no publicity" option each time. She's won at least $20.4 million over the years, and lives in Las Vegas,


    There was a similar story about a Canadian guy who was doing statistics for mining companies and as a hobby, he also figured out the lottery algo. Instead of making himself reach or selling the idea, he contacted the lottery company. He estimated he could have made $600 per hour, although I think he didn't have the right approach. If you are a lottery vendor, you don't need to scratch non-winning tickets, you only scratch the winners. (he was able to tell which one is a winner before scratching it)
    So as a vendor (you need access to large amount of lottery tickets), you scratch the winners and either sell the losers or return them as unsold...

    This woman was smarter because she was able to figure out the distribution route of the tickets...

    She has a Stanford University statistics PhD:


    "First, she won $5.4 million, then a decade later, she won $2million, then two years later $3million and in the summer of 2010, she hit a $10million jackpot.

    The odds of this has been calculated at one in eighteen septillion and luck like this could only come once every quadrillion years.

    Three of her wins, all in two-year intervals, were by scratch-off tickets bought at the same mini mart in the town of Bishop."


    The last sentence indicates that instead of figuring out the route, she did the same as I said I would do, she most likely had access to the scratch tickets at the store (the store manager makes good money by selling winning tickets plus it is good advertisement for the location) thus she only had to scratch tickets that were very likely to be winners.
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    Here is the article about the geological statistican mentioned above:


    Here is another example of scratch lottery figured out:

    "But the Selbees, who run a gambling company called GS Investment Strategies, know a secret about the Massachusetts State Lottery: For a few days about every three months, Cash WinFall may be the most reliably lucrative lottery game in the country. Because of a quirk in the rules, when the jackpot reaches roughly $2 million and no one wins, payoffs for smaller prizes swell dramatically, which statisticians say practically assures a profit to anyone who buys at least $100,000 worth of tickets."
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    is she a looker? I want to marry her, wow, PhD in math and wins lotteries... I want to have her baby!!
  4. dude, if you've ever seen women with PhD's in math, statistics or engineering, you wouldn't be asking "is she a looker". i'm glad they don't show her picture; some things are better left to the imagination.

    but good for her for using her brain to make money. it's more typical for women to use their femininity or body to make money
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    According to the Dailymail (I am not sure how good a source it is), she is 63.


    Slight correction, her PhD is in Education with special in statistics...
  6. Lol... this guy doesn't get out at all.

    That's typical, they are usually smart and ew or dumb and hot.
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    I remember the first day of a Physics (for engineers) class. A group of pretty sorority girls came in and it shocked the rest of us. A few minutes later, we found out they had mistakenly listed our classroom for Sociology 101 and all the babes left.
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    Lottery can be emotionally rewarding for some people. This more than makes up the fact that the expectancy is negative
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    Following link has more details on she worked the system.


    According to some locals, she had a deal with the owner of the Bishop store where she bought three of the winning cards. Whenever a new shipment of high-stakes scratchcards came in, the owner would alert Ginther and keep them aside for her.

    Gither would turn up, with rolls of cash bound in rubber bands and stuffed into a money belt around her ample waist.

    She would load bundles of scratchcards into a plastic bag before driving to a cheap motel.

    She reportedly had the same arrangement with the shop in Kingsville, where she won her other jackpot.

    It’s intriguing to note the woman who ran the store in Bishop has sold up, though this may be to do with the fact shopkeepers who sell a jackpot card are given £6,000 by the lottery commission.

    Some locals in Bishop claim Ginther buys around 3,000 scratchcards a year. But she would need to do more than buy cards in bulk to win four times.
  10. Word, plus utility of winning >>>> utility of weekly cost, soooo fcuk expectancy.
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