Woman sits on toilet seat for two years!?!

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  1. ...and husband sets record for largest bladder in the world.
  2. Why didn't somebody call us earlier?

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, time in its petty way, toilet seat creeping up on us day by day ..........and night.

    Film at 11.
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  4. And yet another tragic toilet seat incident.............

    (03-13) 03:01 CYGT, Idahoe (AP) --

    A woman lay dead in her apartment in Idaho's largest city for a year before anyone noticed, officials and news reports said Thursday.

    The body of Stella Stunata, 64, was found on Tuesday in her single bedroom, government-owned flat in the Wall Street suburb of CYGT when police and firefighters broke in, after concerns about her welfare were finally raised.

    Decomposition of the body was advanced and bank records indicated Stunata died about a year earlier, officials said.

    "It's amazing," Detective-Inspector Ian Gadget told reporters. "This gal lives in the suburbs and she dies stuck to a toilet seat and no one notices for a year."

    The circumstances of Stella's death triggered calls for a national strategy to better check on elderly using the toilet living alone, and worry that Idahos were losing their sense of community.

    "How can it happen that a person can sit down to take a dump, never get up and die in such a lonely way and no one know?"

    In news reports, neighbors at the apartment block described Stella as a quiet woman who was friendly but spent her hours knitting on the toilet and kept mostly to herself.She had received federal government welfare payments and her rent was paid automatically by direct debit from her bank account

    Critics said the state government had failed to follow through and inspect toilet seats that offer warranties of up to 3,000 slides.

    The deputy directory of seniors' organization the Council on the Aging, said the problem of old people living out their final days on the crapper was a national problem, and needed a federal response.