Woman arrested 396 times

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clubber Lang, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Obama supporter?

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    I know a woman like that. She feigns helplessness to con people out of $ $20-$50 at a time, prostitution, theft.. she always says "Happy Day" with a silly grin or "God Bless". She's a one-bitch crime wave. She was hanging out in the lobby of a retirement place watching the schedule of package deliveries and then packages went missing. Mail goes missing... She lies continually. All these goody-goody assholes make excuses for her about how she's a minority and was probably abused or something. Psychopaths thrive in an environment that gives them passes for bad behavior and makes excuses.
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    Chicago (and Detroit) should be expunged from the USA.
  4. You need to find a better class of people to hang around.
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    We need a sequel of Escape From New York.. I'd get Jessie Jackson to do a cameo in it. I can just see him talking about "keeping hope alive" and how the "White man owes us" with Snake Plisskin in the background looking underwhelmed...
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    unsolicited advice from bigarrow, wow...
  7. My bad, stay with your psychopath friends. And it was more a comment than advise.
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    Obviously he thinks you should stop hanging out with democrats, his political team members.

    I can't decide if he's stupid or just unlucky when it comes to thinking.
  9. You do know you're the slow witted one on here don't you ? Just like it was for you in school .
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