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    I am analyzing investing / trading processes, and building a real time information system for improving trading effectiveness.

    I am interested in your opinion on integrating groups of traders with other diciplines (statiticans/analysists, information technologists, broker dealers) to achieve synergies and improved rates of return.
  2. worldco type places achieve synergy but getting lots of joe blo's and making them churn commissions. joe blo's get synergy from go to the bar afterhours with fellow losers.
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  4. The traders would have to be a very well trained group entity that had a very long training process together with FULL trust in one another. They would have to be as mentally tight as a Special Forces unit with continual after actions reviews to adapt methods used. This would be very tough to pull off, but it is possible with the right type of people! :cool:

  5. Daytraders with guns. Scary stuff.
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    Coordination between traders is less of an issue I think - the system facilitates multiple trading styles so everyone is not required to trade the same way.

    Some of features that are provided that i think would be important to traders are:
    1) providing analysis of accurate variables and variable combinations (indiators) so traders are freeed from analysis and can focus on trading.
    2) providing an IT team for quickly programming and back testing systems, keeping real time and historical data feeds and databases operational, and other information technology support.
    3) providing access to Nasdaq level 3 data for impoved supply / demand information