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  1. I know a very smart man who says all this ruckus about Wolfowitz is because he is Jewish .He also believes the term "neocon" is a veiled slight against Jews--like a code word.

  2. Does your very smart man wear tinfoil-hats too?
  3. I feel the same way, but this guy was CEO of a major company
  4. I think it's due to his war hawk stance. The war in Iraq is real unpopular as you know. Cronieism comes to the surface when shit hits the fan on other political issues. Look at brownie in New Orleans.
  5. I heard that he and a # of other neocons are actaully Isreali citizens. Now, if this is true ask yourself a. how patriotic that is, and b. where his loyalities lie.

    If you do not know that a corrupt corporate-militiary regime runs your country yet, what will convince you? 5000 dead in Iraq? 1 trillion profit for HAL?
  6. Good Post! Could not have said it better.
  7. dumbest post ever. This guy was instrumental in the Iraq invasion plan. It is a huge mess. People are pissed. So if he screws up they will want to shred him. Who cares if he is a jew, christian, muslim or moonie. He is a warmonger who appeares to be corrupted.