Wolfowitz: Admittance of Miscalculations

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  1. Among the Bush administration's problems with regard to the Iraq incursion is that its war plan was based on several faulty premises.

    There is, of course, the ever-present question about weapons of mass destruction. Where are they? Another assumption was that with Saddam Hussein out of the way, Iraqis would welcome Americans with open arms. Only partially correct. Too many Iraqis have chosen to greet U.S. soldiers with arms of a more deadly kind.

    Now Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, one of the war's primary architects, has admitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that another premise has been proven wrong - that Saddam's followers would go away when he did. A look at the escalating casualty numbers for U.S. troops shows how far that guess was off the mark. The followers who were supposed to have capitulated are instead bankrolling or leading the recent escalation of hostilities against U.S. troops.

    Wolfowitz also told the senators he had no idea how long U.S. troops will have to remain in Iraq, or how many will be needed, revealing another basic mistake in the administration's war planning. Pentagon officials are said to have estimated that only 70,000 U.S. troops would still be in Iraq at the end of 2003. Nearly midway through 2004, there are about 160,000 U.S. soldiers still in Iraq - and more are having their tours extended.

    The planning for this war has been flawed from the start.
  2. Wolfowitz admits to a 'miscalculation'! Golly gee what an admission! 'Cos everyone knows, no military planner ever made one of those before!
  3. he might as well be our enemy. He and the other Bush cronies are doing a damned good job of destroying the US from the inside with their idiotic idealogical policy making. This administration has let a bunch of bozos outwit them. What a sad bunch of losers Bushie brought in with him.