Wolfe Wave course materials wanted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by LevII, May 27, 2004.

  1. LevII


    Does anyone who has taken the Wolfe Wave course want to sell the materials?

    Will pay a sensible price.

    Either post here or PM me if you do.


  2. opm8


    If you don't find the actual course (I guarantee it's not worth nearly the $3K or whatever they charge now) you can get the gist of it in Linda Raschke's Street Smarts book.

  3. AdlerNY


    I had this somewhere...let me check first.
  4. Attached chart is the closest example that I could find quickly.

    Rules for buy setup:

    1. #2 Wave is a Top.
    2. #3 Wave is the bottom of a first decline.
    3. #1 Wave is the bottom prior to #2 wave top. Point 3 must be lower than point 1.
    4. Draw trend line from point 1 to point 3. The extension of this line anticipates a reversal point #5. This marks the point of entry for a ride to the Estimated Price at Arrival (EPA).
    5. The EPA is the trend line drawn from points 1 to 4. This is the price objective. Place an initial stop just beneath point 5.

    Wolfe, Wolfe.

    Just saved you thousands of dollars.