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    Anyone on this board trades at Woldco, Los Angeles office?
    need comments on their technology, deals, people, training.

  2. The guy who runs the office is an awesome trader. I knew him from when he was at Worldco NY. One of his trainers that went with him, is also really good.
  3. I have talked to someone who recently left there. They said the head trader is a very good trader. However costs were insane -- along the lines of 1.2 to 1.3 cents a share and bullets that cost more than $80 per 1000 share bullet. That bullet cost is craziest thing I have heard of. Then on top of that they are trying to go after him for money that he was down in his account. Some prop deal that is. Heard almost no one is net positive, but they have a lot of newer traders there so that might be part of it. There are a lot more options in the LA area I would check out first.
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    I know someone who works for the head trader's group here in NY (Yes, this guy runs two desks, one in LA and one in NY, he runs the one he is absent from a la an assistant mngr, so the traader gets almost no notice since the AM does NOT care, at least in NY, about the newer traders production). Anyway, I know someone who is on the desk in NY and can reiterate what you said about the costs, absolutely ridiculous.

    One piece of advice I could give to any new trader is to join a group where the manager will take 2 seconds out of his day if you have a problem or question, you know, someone who will go out of his way for you.

    Hope this helps,

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    Cornhole, and MUChris,

    Thank you for the comments on Worldco. I be sure to check out other options. BTW, where do you guys trade from? any suggestions would appreciated.......
  6. I sent you a PM -- check your mail.
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    thanks for the pm