Woke up to a sea of Red...

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    I think we pretty much all expected china to take a dive really soon with the government tightening and stopping growth as much as they have been.

    Well see if the spill over recovers.

    ideas? predictions?

    i presonally feel like a genius for putting all of my clients (and funds and family and personal accout) short as of last thursday. so i am a bit tickled pink. I have been crying wolf for sveral months...but i havent pulled the trigger hard until last week.

    luck to all.
  2. Looks bad.
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    not if you are short the world!
  4. =====================
    They talk about all the tea in China;
    actually i am still liking cranberry-pomegranate green tea:cool:

    Not a prediction, besides, was watching ..... about 45.45 area on NasdaQQQ.May or may not mention a position .

    As far as being tickled pink, NasdaQQQ is still plenty'' liquid'';
    nice moves from $120 area to 20 or $21 area/$4#.##. Nice waves on the Red sea:D
  5. Extremely ugly open. Panic in the streets. Stocks claw back DOW ends down 80. Up tomorrow. liquidity, liquidity-- if the economy is slowing this bad it really takes the fed off the table-- more liquidity-- they want to raise but can't that brings on inflation right? Maybe not> gold taking a pounding today too. The place to be- in tech for green greentech I'm sure they are calling it that by now. Perhaps we move into CELG today.

    Buy stocks with great news hurt by the open = ELOS
    Hide in some low volume unknown stocks . Look for relative strength where you find it and buy it = ONXX.
    Stick some stops in wait for bounces to exit -- it's not the end of the world markets that go straight up come down eventually ours has been up but the slope has been gradual-- is this the first marker for our 10% correction? I think so. Will stocks rally back again to make new highs before the fatal drop? I think so.
  6. Keep in mind that today and tomorrow represent the end of the calendar month, which may not impact the P&L's of the big brokerage firms (who work on a T+3 settlement basis), but it does impact the vast majority of the hedge fund community, which operates on an end-month basis. In that we have become so accustomed to The Street buying into month-end, perhaps THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT-- and if so, could have far-reaching implications on the near term direction of the equities....
  7. My best guess is that EOM underpins the market and today we see a retrace higher from here [ES 1436.50].

    It's only a guess of course -- what else could it be under the circumstances.
  8. its not that big a deal . china was up 13% in last 5 or 6 sessions and pulled back 9%... the dow is down a percent
  9. Am happy l went long the Japanese Yen as well, last week there was 160 000 outstanding contracts that were short the Japanese Yen :eek: WHAT !!!! Each contract is worth 2 500 000 Yen, talk of madness of crowds . Wishing a couple of hedge funds could go bust as well then we would get true volatility ( lifeblood :D)
  10. The substantive issue, that the money will be made/lost on - maybe more in the next three months than the last entire year - is what happens through the summer.

    Is this the start of a major pullback?

    You insinuate not.

    The economy is truly weakening. That does not bode well for stocks, especially the cyclical ones.
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