Woah. Facebook insider just said half of FB accounts are fake - and FB knows it.

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  1. Article states "600,000" users, not 600MM. An obvious attempt to manipulate as it's not mentioned anywhere else on the web, BBC, etc. The "article" is complete bullshit.
  2. There, fixed that fer ya.

  3. either that, or word hasn't yet gotten out concerning this insider's allegations...........

    if facebook is knowingly overstating its users, that is some sort of financial reporting violation.
  4. The assertion that half the accounts are fake is hardly surprising. The real surprise is it's only half.
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    it takes times to go viral. analysts are slow to respond especially if they have an investment banking relationship. it is the summer.

    having said the odds are it is total nonsense.
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    The article has political tint to it.
  7. http://www.iol.co.za/scitech/techno...-warn-of-fake-accounts-1.1523561#.UbtYDueqk08

    Scammers are "cloning" other peoples facebook profiles. Obviously this overstates fb users. There could be millions that are just duplicates

    Not to mention the study that 10% of profiles arent even humans (dogs, objects, brands etc)

    I think the number is much closer to 500 million, maybe less

  8. thanks for this.

    this thread at least raises the topic for facebook to answer -

    "well, how many accounts actually *are* fake - let's start seeing some sort of estimate for that."
  9. added the link for the 2nd study in case someone wanted it.
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