WND...Bible Codes predict Mitt....

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  1. Ther are some very strange[perhaps non random]number patterns in the Bible.

    But God designed part the Bible to be understood by children. Other parts of the Bible,, well Dr John Hagee noted he has been studying the Bible for 50+ years and still doesnt understand it all.:cool:
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    Are you still fighting the last election, RCG? It's time to move on and open your $1 trading account.
  3. To the lament of some your winger buddies, I have indeed moved along to more interesting things than watching the conservative mind.:D
  4. I hate when normally thinking minds get all into how God wrote the bible, Adam and Eve as reality and all that. So hard to try to discuss things in the real world.

    Don't get me wrong, I respect everyone's right to believe what they like, Christians, Jews, Muslims, all pretty much the same historically. All good, and as they say, if there were no God, Man would have to invent one. But so much hatred about how my God is better than your God is just mind numbing. I believe in a higher power, but not as in organized religion.
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    You libturds are a very strange bunch of trolls. I'll watch what you do, not what you say, such as starting this 'old news' thread.
  6. You mean you got tired of getting your ass kicked by me :D

    I do have to give you credit for being the best illustration of Affirmative Action possible.
  7. I may regret this, but what the hell does affirmative action have to do with anything? Gays have similar things.

    "Gays have already sought and received affirmative action recognition, in San Francisco, for instance, where 20% of all city appointments have been granted to homosexuals, and in Seattle, where the police department has established hiring quotas for gay officers."

    And I say, who the hell cares? Some may use it, some may not, big f'n deal.
  8. Yes, that is also what you said on 11/1.

    You will also say the same thing on 1/1/13. After you find excuses for losing yet again. You will no doubt say something deranged like Oanda has AA trading or some ridiculous thing like that.:D
  9. Where are your trades?
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