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  1. Walmart is not immune to anything. If deflation occurs, Walmart will be hit even worse. Supplier margins are cut deep enough as it is. The dollar value of sales will drop although the number of sales transactions may increase. It will look worse quarter over quarter on a dollar by dollar measure.

    Total dollars generated is a poor measure when prices everywhere are falling. This is something you have to keep an open mind about. Its net percent of sales that matters (net income / net sales) in this type of economy.
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  2. It'll be interesting this spring. These cos bought their spring products probably in Oct. Bet they paid too much for them, then we'll have a profit contraction.
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  3. I believe we will see a breakout happen sometime this month or mid july. If that bottom TL is broken, wmt goes to 46.00
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  4. I don't think it looks good right now. The market as a whole is stalling out and not making that much progress and there is overhead resistance at 9,000 it has to punch through to go higher.

    Walmart is falling while the market "rallies" or is up. If we have another downturn it would have extra selling pressure to break $48 and then we head down to $46.

    We'll see what happens but whatever happens it will happen soon, you are correct.

    Scalp scalp scalp.

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  5. Perhaps your break out/ break down has occured?

    Currently: $48.54 ish.

    There is some support near the low 48's. But your right if it breaks that it's going to 46. Just questioning what I should do, if the Dow breaks further then I won't buy at 48. Just my opinion(s).


    Good notice/call.
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  6. dealmaker


    Walmart expands car-buying service to 250 stores
    Walmart Inc. will expand a car-buying service offered to its customers by opening 250 CarSaver Shopping Centers at its stores. The program, run on CarSaver's digital automotive marketplace, has essentially been in pilot mode at 14 Walmart stores since it was announced early last year. CarSaver, of Miami, uses a network of certified dealerships, banks and insurance companies to support its car-shopping assistance to Walmart customers. Every vehicle bought through CarSaver comes with a lifetime warranty.(Ad Age)
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    Walmart gets more selective with web sellers after spurt
    The retailer's website, where third-party vendors sell their own wares, is adding far fewer sellers a month compared with a year ago, according to data tracker Marketplace Pulse. The site, which Walmart created in 2009 to compete with a similar offering from Amazon, now includes about 18,000 sellers.(Ad Age)
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  8. I think WMT will lose it majority of market to e-commerce "store".
    I do not feel positive about WMT's future.
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    Walmart and Flipkart

    Reports suggest that Flipkart's board has approved a takeover by Walmart and partners including Alphabet, rather than by Amazon. The deal would reportedly value Flipkart at $20 billion and give Walmart the largest e-commerce player in India, a market of 1.3 billion people. Amazon reportedly made a counter-offer just a couple days ago, although that apparently included a non-compete clause for Flipkart's co-founders. Fortune
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    Walmart and Flipkart

    Walmart's takeover of Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart is moving forward, after SoftBank agreed to sell the U.S. firm its entire 21% stake in Flipkart. The Japanese conglomerate invested around $2.5 billion in Flipkart through its Vision Fund and is likely to make almost $4 billion from that investment. SoftBank's prompt sale of the stake had been in question due to tax issues. Economic Times
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