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    One more 'goldman sachs' proven not to be immune. it seems that you can throw a dart at anything the public claims to be immune, short it and make money a few months later
  2. Yeah, but a lot of this was foreseen, especially by semi-smart individuals.

    WMT is a good company, one of the few that's actually making money in this economy from a retailer.

    I'm buying aggressively at these low levels.

  3. ... :confused: ... great reasoning! cus 'good' companies' prices never go down in a bear market.
  4. Notably, Wal-Mart (WMT) surprised most investors by reporting Dec comps below expectations and lowering Q4 guidance. This big box retailer had bucked the trend all year as consumers seeked out bargains. Comps in department stores also surprised investors. The group fared better than expected (KSS, JWN, JCP, M, DDS all beat Briefing.com consensus), but as seen from JWN and KSS's lowered guidance, the improved comps may be at expense of earnings..
  5. The GS Proprietary Trading Desk can take "heat" for several weeks on such a position.
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    You have no idea how many times I have heard certain companies being immune to an economic downturn, its not true, any company big or small is NOT immune to this credit crisis.
  7. I love Walmart's strategy of lowering the guidance and then conveniently "beat it". So funny, smart company.

    For those funds that HAVE to invest in retail, they're going to be putting money in this WMT machine. It's like the t-bill safety net in the retail environment.
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    WMT should trade down to 41.
  9. What's the justification for 41? Seems like if it goes to 41, than Macy's and a lot of other companies would be filing for chapter 11.
  10. Maybe it did; but i don't recall, however, INTC did this twice, and still can't beat its target, maybe lower it again.
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