WMT SSS weakest since 2000!!!!!

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    Did they really just blame it on the sales in women's apparel and remodeling efforts!!!!!

    The 0.5% same-store sales figure for October is the weakest since the 0.3% rise posted in December 2000, according to the Wall Street Journal.
    Wal-Mart executives blamed the weak October figure on weakness in sales of women's apparel, as well as disruption to sales from remodeling efforts at almost half of its U.S. stores.
  2. no room at the low end for u.s. consumers. They are 'tapped out'.

    IMHO, anyone take a look at the progressively more draconian terms of credit cards these days? Credit noose is slowly tightening.

    Now WMT is forcing suppliers (P&G) to concentrate their cleaning solutions to decrease shelf space, transport costs, and packaging costs. The question is, will the consumer be willing to purchase the changed product?
  3. S2007S-------Ask the moderators to create a forum strictly for you and your "news releases".
  4. nazzdack - not sure what you mean?

    at any rate - will be interesting to see what effect this news will have monday... wmt is a barometer for sure...

    tone of the market seems to be changing rapidly... gdp #, wmt, dollar getting dropped on its ass... all in the face of great earnings for the most part.what a conflicted beast this market...

    i am interested in the idea that markets can continue to go straight up simply becasue these companies are on a fire sale in world markets. great companies trading at great multiples denominated in a currency that is down 30-40% and tanking...
  5. nazzdack, what is your deal?

    S2000 pretty much posts factual articles that inherently deal with the business cycle and comnpany performance.

    Why would you have a problem with that if your goal is to make sound and informed investment decisions?
  6. Oh my! Feedback! I thought the name of the site here was elitetrader.com, not elitejournalist.com. Never mind.
  7. huh?

    he didnt make this up nasdaq - they released their sales yest...

    who peed on your cornflakes?
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    I like to keep most on elitetrader informed with news that moves markets and stocks. Most are posted in Wall St. News. I think WMT coming in at the low end of estimates is definetly news that needs to be posted.

  9. maybe because he's long;)
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    glad you like my posts buylo.
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