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  1. WM at 2.18
  2. Start a journal.
  3. you could have got it this morning for $1.80
  4. i didnt think it was going to hold down there
  5. im out at 2.45 probably will continue up
  6. WM looking good here. I think they are going to d better than LEH. I should of held overnight. I think it migh gap up tomorrow. hmmmm. interesting, looks like it was way oversold to me
  7. what about chase buying them out?
  8. Maybe thats what the rally was for

    JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive James Dimon has said that purchase-accounting rules would make it more difficult, but not impossible, for his company to do a deal.
  9. did anyone follow wm today?

    it's fucking insane, 50%+ swing
  10. I bought WM leaps this morning.... already up 100%

    crazy indeed!
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