WM - To be Sold Soon

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stocktrader2007, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Wamu has been the next bankruptcy target. Due to the naked short covering and new plan for the bad loans by Fed has made WM a better buy for many bidders.

    Who knows the deal may be announced today :)
  2. How much do you girls think it will fetch?

    My guess is $6 - $8/share
  3. WAMU had already downsized their employee base, what will the new buyer do to save money?
  4. I know that JP offered to buy them at 8 per share back in April, but I think all that's changed now.

    JP isn't interested in WM unless they can get the government to guarantee it like they did with Bear. Also note that it isn't exactly the banks that are running to WM - it is the government running to the banks to get a sale through so the government can avoid a very costly mess.

    I just hope the sale information, if there's going to be a sale, is released during trading hours so I can cash in on it.
  5. Whisper rumor is Citi is mulling a bid.
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    I own a little WM at $2.75. Was thinking of selling this afternoon but would rather hold onto it....Ill take $5 or $6.
  7. You know, on second thought this neo-RTC idea floating around makes the idea of a sale much more likely, and probably at a higher price. I'll probably pick up some shares tomorrow.
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