WM . nasty stench

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  1. Bond market says this one is in deep shiite.

    Dont say I never told ya nothin
  2. WM has closed 3 branches around my office building in the last month or so.
  3. WaMu goes from 45 to 3 in one year and now you tell us the obvious.

    6182 posts.

    You have said a whole lot of nothing.
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  5. lol, to an imbecile, the word of god is nothing.
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    It doesn't matter if the stock has already cratered. If there's some info that can show it's most likely going to $0, then there's still 100% upside left in the trade. Shorting from $3 to $0 makes more money than shorting from $40 to $3.
  7. Agreed, but his post said nothing new that we already haven't known for months.

    Also shorting from .01 to .00 makes more money than shorting from $40 to $.01, but the real easy money (risk/reward wise) has most likely already been made.

    One look at stock777's history of "straight to chit-chat" threads is all you need to know about his trading knowledge.
  8. One read of your post and we know all we need.

    Imbecile, I post in chit chat so idiots like you dont take the post seriously. I want to be on the record without making turds like you any coin.
  9. Yeah right. Nice try papertrader.
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