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  1. Anybody have any experience with and/or opinions on the WizeTrade system:



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  4. Hello DoxazoAdonai. Please send me $3,995. In return I will give you a software program that helps you make a decision on whether or not to buy a stock, just follow the signs. Red light to sell or avoid buying a stock, Green light to buy a stock or hold.

    How does it know whether to buy or sell?

    Glad you asked, it uses moving averages and current/previous prices, as well as open & closing prices, all weighted over volume.

    Uh huh... Well isn't all that information free on at least a dozen different websites, or even on free software?

    Yes, yes it is. So send us $3,995 right now and don't forget the monthly data feed charges as well. Those are only about $500 - yes, five hundred dollars a year. Do you want to search for stocks that fit your trading criteria? Well sorry, you'll have to buy another software program from us to do just that - WIZEFINDER. Oh yeah!

    Doesn't Yahoo! offer a free stock screener [that actually has more search options than your program] to help find securities that meet your criteria?

    Yes, yes it does. So if you act now you'll receive your copy of WizeTrade and a years worth of fees for only FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS [USD].

    BUT WAIT, there's more! Act within the next thirty seconds and we'll discount our software to $1,495. That's a savings of over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! [USD]. And you'll also receive a FREE! collection of kitchen knives hand made by hardworking oompaloompas - oops, I mean elves - at the north pole, just in time for Christmas [free items not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas 2007] And when you do finally get your kitchen knives, you'll want to use them to cut your wrist open to the point your hand is nearly detached from your arm. BECAUSE YOU JUST WASTED OVER TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS [USD] ON AN INFOMERCIAL PIECE OF CRAP SOFTWARE THAT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!!!

    Please people, do a little research before you throw your life savings away. I know all of that hard-earned money is burning a hole in your bank account, so buy a new car or put a down payment on a vacation home, just don't give it to me. But, if you insist I'll gladly take it. Unfortunately for you, so will everyone else on Wall Street.

    If it seems too good to be true (or too easy, in the case of WizeTrade) then it is. Run like hell while you still have shoes on your feet, and a shirt on your back!
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    Hey Scott,

    I'll save you $4000


    The first time you make a positive trade, don't forget about keyser (i accept paypal tips).

    your welcome
  6. :D 2manywhiners reply was worth the hassle of listening the the WT sales pitch! Great response!! Hehehe... no, I haven't bought anything. And thanks for the barchart tip!!


    Scott <><
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    I saw the cheesy infomercial last night. I am a very part-time 'hobby trader', and the flags went off! I thought maybe I would show up just to see what they had to say, then I decided to go one better.
    Thank you to all of you who have been forthcoming explaining what they are really trying to sell, and where you can get it it if is just an 'educational tool'... 4K is 2 years of actual economic education!!!
    FYI - does anyone have a link to the founders previous software company, WOW (I think it stands for Wonders of Wall Street or something like it...)
    These guys are in for a real surprise - if the 'shills are out there, better let them know.