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    I have read a lot of negative reviews about WizeTrade software. Not one of the reviews have actually listed complaints other than the price and the fact that FREE software does the same exact thing. Actually, I have researched many many software programs and this is the issue:

    1) Yes, other charting software uses the Moving Averages, Stochastic and MACD indicators - none of them make it as simple to read as Wizetrade appears to have it displayed.

    2) No other program uses the Three Wizemen which helps newbies decide if the timing is right.

    My question is this: Does anyone have any complaints as to if the software does what it is supposed to do.

    Please give me detailed complaints or complements.
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    It is sold as red light green light-- make money. Follow the lights make money. Yet no one has shows any back tests for it. So it is a nicely packaged bunch of garbage indicators. Do try to tell me it is not sold that way. I have seen the commericals. We have made fun of them on this sight with links from their website.
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    WizeTrade isnt worthy enough to be discussed On EliteTrader.
    I have seen loads of posts about it recently if Trading was that easy wouldnt half the people on this planet sit at home Trade full time,never have to take shit from a boss again and pay themself a wage of there choice.
  4. I trade the NQ, and it is my dream that 1000 people buy WizeTrade and start trading the NQ with it!:D
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    I am sorry if my posting is old news. I went over old postings to try to see if my questions were answered. No forum should be above any question.

    I have no intentions of using or trusting there red lights & green lights. I wanted to use it to easily see the cross-overs. I have been playign with neoticker and it is much harder to use and harder to see crosses.

    I do not own WizeTrade... I have been hung up on them when I hit them with some of my pointed questions. I just want to know if anyone knows for a fact that the crosses are inaccurate or the software is defective. I would never pay that price for it. There are enough people out there selling their user names & passwords for next to nothing.

    Does anyone have experience with the functionality of the software.

    I just need to be able to see what I am dealing with.

    Thanks for your patience with me.
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    What is NQ?
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  8. I am an experienced trader and my girlfriend bought it against my advise.

    Thank goodness it had a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Yes it did make everything really easy and simple to follow and for a complete novice it is better than nothing as it will keep you out of lots of bad trades.

    Will it make you money .... well I doubt it because all the indicators it uses are lagging and should only be used to confirm a trade not to initiate a trade.

    I would highly recommend some good books before this software.

    Start with simple stuff like any of John Murphy's intro books like Visual Analysis of stock trends there are many others that will cost you $50 or so and be far more valuable to your education.
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    Thanks for the responses .

    Samson77 - Can it make it easier for me to see the crosses? If their screen is as large as it seems from the demo & the website... it should be an awesome companion to like Neoticker. I can have one up on each monitor and watch Wizetrade for the crosses and the "three wizemen" and then compare it to Neoticker for quick confirmation and then BAM! Right?

    Or use Wizetrade as a learning tool. Couldn't it help me learn to read a much harder program like Neoticker?

    As a newbie I am nervous using just Neoticker.

    What are your thoughts?

    Remember I would never pay the full pop. Not even a fraction.
  10. They don't have crosses they have divergence it's supposed to look like an alligators mouth or some nonsense like that.

    If you don't have to pay for it then it would be an ok tool for a beginner. Like I said it will keep you out of trouble.

    If you can get a copy for free please let me know my girlfriend liked it but I wouldn't let her pay $3500 for it.
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