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  1. mrsepary


    I just attended one of their seminars and I was wondering if any of you uses this software. It looks too simple.

    Does anyone here currently own this software and has worked with it? Do you use it often?

  2. How much are you willing to pay for it? :D

  3. Swish


    Is this the one that uses several "proprietary" formulas to flash green and red signals in different time frames??

    if it is, do a search on this site for wizetrade - well covered.

    bottom line, no black box systems work - trading is more complicated than that!

  4. Swish, quit killing my sale buddy. Who wants it for $2K? :D

  5. I went to short presentation . Paid 3k or so for the package.

    followed up with tech staff.

    Went to day long seminar. asked Q's

    At lunch reworked their maths and gave it to presenter.

    Contacted the Wize people and got 100% refund.

    the atlanta brokerage people associated with the ooperation do have some old timers who are fair people. the texas crowd are funny ducks.

    the persenters who say they make moneuy oo it has 50/50 W/L and have edge that works besed on holding winners and exitieng loosers ASAP.

    It is like all the edge trading stuff you hear about in ET. Ho Hum.
  6. fan27


    On the Infomercial, I saw a chart and it looked like they generated their red and green signals via moving average crossovers.
  7. Definite POS - and no, that doesn't stand for Point of Sale or Perfectly Operating Software :)