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    I was wondering if anyone has tried or is currently using Wizetrade (www.wizetrade.com) and how has their success rate been with it?

    Thanks, all help will be greatly appreciated.
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    There are plenty of posts about wizetrade on the site. To sum it up, no one sells a dollars worth of information for fifty cents.

    Having read through their promotional letter, there were some references to program trading that were outright misrepresentations.

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    Yes but some companies sell systems worth nothing for thousands of dollars.
  4. I am a WizeTrade User as well as a trainer (in many softwares). I have had, and am having, quite a bit of success with the product and if you'd like you can PM me for some follow up. :)
  5. Hello use the search function at the top right of the screen and type in wizetrade which will take you to the past post, best of luck.
  6. wow321 -

    Run, don't walk, as fast and far away from this POS as you can - their hype is just that - hype. And they'll be more than happy to seperate you from your several thousands of dollars.
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    yeah - take a look at a testimonial from their website:

    " I couldn't trade without WIZETRADE™, and if anybody told me that they were going to take my WIZETRADE™ software, I'd have to kill 'em."

    -Richard Huffines, Texas

    Sounds promising, doesn't it? Especially for a system that costs a whopping $3995.
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    I looked in to WizeTrade a couple years back... when it was only $995!!!

    It looked real good... but if you ask some of the users.. there seems to be a recurring problem with "disappearing crosses"...

    in other words, when the two "proprietary lines" cross... you place a trade...

    however, similar to moving averages, if the equity makes a quick move in the opposite direction, the lines will appear as if they never crossed...

    anyway.. that was enough to keep me away from it

  9. The users that you speak of seem to be evidencing the ability to not follow the software instruction and then prematurely taking positions that are nonexistent. As a trainer, I see this bad habit many times and it IS difficult to break for many. The disappearing lines are lines that never cross but merely converge and signal an alert to some possible upcoming trades. In the effort to enter a trade for "Every Penny" of profit, many enter at the first sign and do not wait for the additional signals. Then, of course, it was the software that was in error and gave a false sign.

    There is a condition where one set of lines cross and then the second set converge and it appears that they are going to continue. But if you were to wait for the last set of signals, there might not be a play. All of this though, implies that you are watching for a term trade and not a day trade. I have found that the indicators, rules and signals should be just a little different for that style. :)
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    Since the "rules" seem objective how about a P&L on the Dow 30 Hourly charts for the last year. or 5 minutes or Daily. Just show us some results. If it made money real time with real money I would buy it tommorow. And then I would quickly roll it out to the 10 people in my office and who knows from there.

    Canyonman. Post your P&L for the next month along with your trade setups. You would make more sales than coors if your product actually worked.
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