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    I just found out that Wizetrade's George Thompson is my old Wave on Wall Street's (WOW) George Thompson!

    I purchased my own WOW software in 1999 for $3,200 as part of a network marketing program (2Xtreme Performance Int'l / John T. Polk). http://www.ftc.gov/os/1999/12/polk2extreme.htm

    It seems that GlobalTec Solutions is to Wizetrade as ROI Analytics was to The Wave on Wall Street.

    Fearing my inexperience in the ways of Wall Street, I chose to sit on my own WOW software and instead join fellow 2Xtremers (about 13 others) in an investment group called MIC (Millionaire Investment Club) which would use the WOW for long-term investments. After 18 months, we lost half of our investments (my original & only investment in MIC was $3,000).

    In 2001, After the group’s long-term investment failure, I decided to try my own WOW software for short-term day trades. By the time I was brave enough to get started, ROI Analytics vanished before I could get any extra seed money to start using my WOW in earnest.

    I've been looking for George Thompson ever since.

    Look at his president's note in my 1999 WOW software manual:

    >Dear Valued Wave on Wall Street Customer,

    >The New Wave on Wall Street Version 2 is finished! Our sincerest gratitude for your >patience while the software was being revised and streamlined. Unfortunately, the delay >was seemingly interminable to you and to us. However, we persisted, even in the face of >mounting frustrations, to adhere to our highest demands for the product's performance. We >are now pleased to forward the end result. As an indication of our indebtedness to you for >your patience, we are enclosing six (6) newly revised video tapes for your use and >enjoyment.

    >We are certain that you will enjoy your Wave on Wall Street. Please forward your email >address if you haven't already done so. Our email address is gowow@worldnet.att.net.

    >And thank you again for your purchase.


    >George Thompson
    >Vise President of Research and Development
    >(972) 248-5360

    I’ll keep you updated on my reunion with George Thompson.

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    Ah, you weren't aware of Wizetrade's history, I see. Yes, George Thompson is the fellow behind it.

    I recently left a position in the IT department of a major pharmaceutical company. One of the guys in my group had bought WT (for $3000!!!!!) and showed it to me. He said 'gee, how simple this is!' and proceeded to use it to find good candidates for options plays. Dunno how far down he is nowadays, but when I last asked him a few months back he'd managed to lose a good sum of money using the 'green/red light' biz.

    If you do a Yahoo search you'll find this product being touted on radio talk shows, at 'Wizefests' (conventions, apparently) and at revival tent meetings in rural Tennessee, for all I know. SOMEBODY is making a pile of money, especially at $3000 a pop (I cannot imagine paying that much for any analysis app, esp. one that's so limited). Lotsa retirees appear to be involved in this, which really breaks my heart.

    I guess this is just the latest 'Holy Grail', packaged for complete innocents and suggesting that it's some sort of revolutionary 'new' way to trade and make tons of money for lots and lots of people (apparently nobody at WT has said anything about 'efficient markets' to their customer?).

    I'd love to hear more of your experiences re. the previous 'WOW' product. E-mail me if you like.

  3. They "wized" up and dumped their old multi-level marketing crap, gave themselves a new identity (but didn't move from their old offices in Texas), glossed up their patter and ads, and even dipped into the wonderful world of late night infomercials with a incredibly deceptive pile of BS.

    So they're primed to sucker as many gullible folks as possible who want to believe "it's as easy as red light/green light to be a trader and make big money".

    George must be laughing his butt off all the way to bank. There are loads of people gullible enough to buy this crap, but if he ever runs out of them or finally gets too much flack over this BS, he can just fold his current tent, lay low for a while, and resurface under a new name like he did after WOW blew up.
  4. Ask him about his Block-to-Momentum debacle.
  5. VTTrader


    So, what WAS the 'Block-to-Momentum' thing? And how did 'WOW' supposedly work? I'm always interested in hearing about scams.....
  6. Moohead


    Thanks for the information. I've seen their informecial not in late nite, but on Sunday morning. They made good TV pieces, got these successful looking actors, actress pushing computer buttoms and making moneies. That must be fun:D
  7. Green light buy, red light sell? Preposterous.

    Everyone knows you buy when the red line crosses above the blue line and sell when it goes below it. Particularly if the stock is in a channel or happens to be "rolling."