WizeTrade TV funnier than CNBC

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bogan7, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Posters you need to check out Wizetrade TV to realize where the 90% of people are that are losers in the market come from. I just cheked out their sample it is so funny. That is definately Cramers next gig.

    Just check out the sample it will get you laughing.
  2. BetterTrades, Teach Me to Trade, Wize, the list goes on.

    They show you people with large homes, luxury cars, on the beach in exotic locations, etc...

    These people trade a few minutes a day, and the market automatically deposits money into their accounts.

    The truest thing about these commercials is the fine print that says "Results not typical."

    Funny, how come their unhappy customers never appear on their infomercials.

    Wize seems to have disappeared as an ET sponsor??? Too hard to paper over their fraudulence when ETers started asking hard questions, I guess?
  3. seeing things like that make me hope there is a god and he
    f%#*@'s them when they enter that beyond.....

    i would be interested in finding out how much they ultimately net on the scam.
  4. They are killing it off the misery of others
  5. lassic


    they should throw in the twin midgets and tommy vu to complete the circus
  6. And Loni Anderson thrown in for a laugh